Bluewolf Boosts Sales Activites by 20% Using LeanData Matching and Routing

March 15, 2017

With 16-plus years of Salesforce expertise, Bluewolf understands the attributes and limitations of the cloud- based CRM better than any other consulting firm. 


"We see LeanData as a critical piece of our larger strategy to make us more productive and efficient.”

– Travis Henry, Marketing Development Manager



  • Lack of a natural link in Salesforce between leads and corresponding accounts , meaning Bluewolf had to manually route leads, which was a tedious, time-consuming process.
  • Concern that reps weren’t seeing all of the interactions with important stakeholders in accounts despite conscientious efforts to assign leads accurately.


  • LeanData Matching and Routing: By automatically matching leads to accounts, LeanData’s fuzzy matching algorithm enabled Bluewolf to design a sophisticated routing process that streamlined a complicated lead flow.
  • LeanData ensures that every lead is treated appropriately and efficiently.


  • Productivity: 40% increase in meetings scheduled and 20% boost in sales activities.
  • Time Savings: Automating a complex lead management process ensures sales reps always get the right leads immediately.
  • Visibility: Surfacing hidden connections in Salesforce for better follow-up of high-value leads.


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