Castlight Uses LeanData to Increase Qualified Leads and Improve Marketing ROI

January 5, 2017

Castlight Health serves a very specific market with a finite number of potential customers. There are only between 2,500-3,000 accounts on Castlight's target list at any given time. Also, a large number of stakeholders with specific job titles are typically involved in the decision to purchase Castlight's solution. So it's critical for Castlight's sales and marketing teams to maximize the value of all the inbound leads within those target accounts by ensuring they are always assigned to the correct sales reps for immediate follow-up.

Everything always works. We 100% rely on LeanData. It's crucial to our success. 

- Xenia L. Escalante, Director of Marketing Operations



  • The database was not organized in a way that set up sales for success. 
  • Lack of insight into accounts and leads.


LeanData Matching was able to automatically evaluate leads and match them to existing accounts. Afterwards, the Castlight criteria was applied before making use of LeanData Routing to route leads to the correct sales representatives. 


  • Reduced the number of leads with insufficient data from 67% to a 6%.
  • Automated lead assignment means Inside Sales Reps are receiving an additional 400 leads per month.
  • Sales benefits from speed and efficiency.
  • Marketing gains a richer understanding of accounts and the stakeholders that need to be involved in a deal.  

"All of a sudden with LeanData, names just magically appeared in accounts. It allows the sales team to focus on the most important accounts, go after them, and have all of the important information right at their fingertips. They can just concentrate on selling. The match rate is awesome. A particular record gets attached to the account, and that account owner gets all of the information. It's smooth. It's beautiful. It's fantastic." 

- Xenia L. Escalante, Director of Marketing Operations 


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