Uberflip Sees Improvement in Productivity and Shortened Sales Cycles Using LeanData

September 22, 2017

As a leading content experience platform, Uberflip helps businesses convert curious prospects into opportunities and then transforms them into happy customers. But with success comes challenges. Uberflip now receives between 2,500 and 3,000 leads a month from various sources such as events, webinars and, of course, content. Determining the quality of those leads and then manually distributing them among the sales reps became a time-consuming nightmare.

"LeanData has helped us scale more quickly. We’re closing more and larger deals. When the sales team is notified right away that a lead is hot, it makes a huge difference in conversion rates further down in the funnel.”

– Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing



  • Manually routing 2500-3000 leads took one full day each week. 
  • Lead routing was only happening once a week, meaning sales was receiving leads up to a week later.
  • Reliance on legacy systems gave Uberflip little control over how leads could be routed. 


  • LeanData Routing allows Uberflip to create an innovative workflow that meets its needs using automated, real-time routing.
  • Round Robin routing ensures that hot leads are distributed fairly to its BDR team.


  • Faster Sales Cycle: Sales team receives and responds to incoming leads within one hour, 99% of the time.
  • Productivity: Automated routing saves a full day per week, time that can be spent on strategic business initiatives.
  • Foundation for ABM: Sales reps are now aware of activity within accounts and marketing can report more accurately on campaign influence.  
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