Datasheets: How LeanData Works Its Magic

LeanData is showing businesses how to master even the most complicated lead-flow management process. Here is how we do it.

  • Speed to Lead as a Competitive Advantage Data Sheet

    Speed to Lead as a Competitive Advantage Data Sheet

    Learn how lead response time, or speed to lead, is one of the key determining factors in winning the race for your customer. Optimize speed to lead for a competitive advantage.

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  • Enterprise Go-to-Market Solutions Datasheet

    Enterprise Go-to-Market Solutions Datasheet

    Optimize Your GTM Workflows with LeanData Lead Automation

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  • SLA Automation & Tracking Data Sheet

    SLA Automation & Tracking Data Sheet

    Find out how LeanData's SLA automation and tracking can help you accelerate speed to lead in this datasheet.

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  • Multi-Graph Solution Brief

    Multi-Graph Solution Brief

    LeanData’s Multi-Graph solution grants each BU the autonomy to create and manage its own GTM flow, without impacting the flows of other units.

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  • Outreach Integration Datasheet

    Outreach Integration Datasheet

    Decrease time-to-first-touch by automatically engaging your prospects with LeanData's integration with Outreach. Download the datasheet to find out more now!

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  • Salesloft Integration data sheet

    Salesloft Integration data sheet

    Decrease your time-to-first-touch by automatically engaging prospects through LeanData's integration with Salesloft. Download the datasheet to learn more!

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  • ZoomInfo Integration Data Sheet

    ZoomInfo Integration Data Sheet

    Optimize your lead matching quality and quantity through record enrichment with LeanData's integration with ZoomInfo. Download the datasheet to learn more!

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  • Slack Integration Datasheet

    Slack Integration Datasheet

    Accelerate your response times with instant and automatic notifications with LeanData's integration with Slack. Download the datasheet to learn more now!

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  • Engagement Datasheet

    Engagement Datasheet

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  • Integrations Datasheet

    Integrations Datasheet

    Help your business build a single and connected Revenue Operations ecosystem with LeanData.

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  • Deduplication and Handling Junk Leads Datasheet

    Deduplication and Handling Junk Leads Datasheet

    Find out how LeanData's best-in-class matching and routing solutions can help you eliminate duplicate and junk leads.

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  • Time-Based Routing Datasheet

    Time-Based Routing Datasheet

    With LeanData's Time-based Routing, you can schedule the routing of objects or automate actions such as creating new objects and notifying sales reps.

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  • Matching Datasheet

    Matching Datasheet

    LeanData's top-notch fuzzy matching algorithm is designed to help you look beneath the surface and match leads to accounts based on multiple fields beyond basic email domains.

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  • Routing Datasheet

    Routing Datasheet

    Maximize the full potential of your Demand Generation and create great buying experiences for prospects with LeanData's Routing algorithm.

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  • Account Routing Datasheet

    Account Routing Datasheet

    LeanData's Account Routing brings the power of its visual FlowBuilder and automated Routing to your Salesforce account.

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  • Territory Management Datasheet

    Territory Management Datasheet

    Find out how LeanData's Territory Management system can help you set up and maintain your sales team's territory mappings with ease.

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  • Opportunity Routing Datasheet

    Opportunity Routing Datasheet

    LeanData's robust routing solution helps you ensure that all Salesforce objects are easily and automatically routed to sales team members based on your custom business rules.

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  • Round Robin Datasheet

    Round Robin Datasheet

    LeanData allows companies to set up multiple, robust round robins to support all routing rules for your leads, contacts accounts and management.

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  • Contact Management Datasheet

    Contact Management Datasheet

    Your contacts can provide information on buying signals sent out by Accounts. Find out how LeanData can maximize the impact of your contacts in this Product Sheet.

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  • Matching Fact Sheet

    Matching Fact Sheet

    Learn about the consequences of poor matching in this Data Sheet and how LeanData can help you resolve them.

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