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The State of B2B Lead Management 2022

B2B companies spend an enormous amount of time, energy and resources generating the leads that power their revenue engines. But once they’ve accumulated these leads, how effectively are they orchestrating their journey into the right hands for follow-up?

That question was at the heart of LeanData’s 2017 State of Lead Management study, which sought to capture how businesses were managing their leads for success...and their biggest challenges.

Five years later, what's changed?

LeanData partnered with Sales Hacker, Heinz Marketing and Outreach to find the answers. After analyzing the responses of 1,700+ sales, marketing and operations professionals, we are pleased to present the findings. We hope you find these insights helpful on your journey to growth in 2022!

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The 2022 State of Lead Management Infographic

The 2022 State of Lead Management compiles data from over 1,700 sales, marketing and operations professiona...

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