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The Standout Choice in Round Robin Assignment Round Robins are one of the most common and crucial lead assignment methods for sales organizations. They ensure there is a fast and fair distribution among f ront-line SDRs so everyone has a shot at meeting their quotas. However, Salesforce does not support out-of-the-box round robin assignment features. Instead, businesses spend time writing and maintaining complex code to implement round robins. PRODUCT SHEET | ROUND ROBIN Never make a prospect wait. Research* shows that the companies that respond within an hour have a 7 times higher rate of success. * Harvard Business Review The Secret Sauce for Speed to Lead LeanData allows companies to set up multiple, robust round robins to support all complex routing rules for leads, contacts, accounts, and opportunities. Routing Insights also help you see the actual round robin assignments by reps so you can control your pools better. Handle Multiple Use Cases for Round-Robin Distribution • Skipping over someone who is travelling or where it is outside their working hours • Assigning a smaller share of leads to new team members who are still ramping up • Stop assigning leads to someone who is already working at full capacity

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