Deduplication and Handling Junk Leads Datasheet

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Establishing Data Quality in your CRM with LeanData Salesforce research shows that 20% of the average company's database records are completely useless due to several factors, such as old data or duplicates. Dealing with poor data quality takes over 21% of a rep's time. This results in lower productivity and poor conversions. Salesforce offers some rule-based condition sets that need to be continuously updated and cannot be scaled easily. They also lack any contextual data or smart logic, the ability to handle parent child accounts or small email domain variations within a company. In addition, this problem is compounded daily by users manually adding duplicate accounts, leads and contacts into Salesforce. This causes duplicates and junk leads to continuously slip through the cracks. PRODUCT SHEET | It begins with poor lead-to-account matching. Imagine a new lead, Joe Langston, who fills out his company name as "HP" and email as "". • If the HP account in Salesforce is set up as H.P. or Hewlett Packard, sub-standard matching solutions will not recognize this as a match. • If the lead for Joe already exists with a "" email, the duplicate will not be recognized. • If you auto-create new accounts for non-matches, Rajesh (who provided his email) is created as a duplicate to the Google account. DEDUPLICATION AND HANDLING JUNK LEADS

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