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6 January 23, 2019 2019 Account Based Benchmark Report A research report focused on the strategies and tactics of successful account based organizations. © 2019 TOPO. All rights reserved. Unauthorized copying or distribution is a violation of copyright law. For questions, email analyst@topohq.com • Organizations with a strong Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) achieve 68% higher account win rates. The ICP identifies the characteristics of accounts that are more likely to become valuable customers. The ICP is a critical element of an account based strategy that separates top-performing account based organizations from their peers. More than 80% of the most successful account based organizations believe they have a strong ICP versus 42% of other organizations. • Organizations only pursue 38% of their target accounts at one time. The majority (78%) of leading account based organizations have implemented intentional account selection processes in order to consistently select and prioritize accounts in a repeatable way. This is a critical process to master, particularly for organizations with more than 100 target accounts. • Successful account based execution uses existing marketing and sales development tactics. One of the biggest barriers to launching account based is the concern that a completely new set of tactics are required. In actuality, the majority of tactics are already used in most organizations. Respondents report that their top five account based tactics are SDR outreach, digital advertising, direct mail, marketing email, and events. Coordinated execution—not the specific tactics used—is the key change required to develop and execute an account based strategy. • Account based is more than just marketing. Successful account based strategy requires a coordinated effort across all customer-facing functions including marketing, sales development, and sales. When marketers ranked the most important tactics, they selected SDR outreach—not traditional marketing tactics—by a wide margin.

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