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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Internet HEADQUARTERS San Francisco, CA CHALLENGES For Intercom, changes to a custom-built, consultant maintained lead routing solution could take weeks to update and cost thousands to implement, lacking agility and compromising innovation. SOLUTIONS LeanData Routing was implemented to quickly gain everything that Intercom had lacked in its legacy solution. RESULTS Improved Agility: Changes in lead routing processes that used to take weeks are now completed within hours. Increased Innovation: Flexible lead routing drives increased innovation in Intercom's sales processes. Significant Cost Savings: Eliminating outside lead management consultants has saved Intercom thousands of dollars each month, while also slashing internal admin hours. Intercom Saves Time and Money by Replacing a Custom Built Solution with LeanData - With Jeff Serlin, Senior Director & Head of Global Sales, Support Operations & Sales Development and Thomas Sunderland, Senior Sales System Manager Tagged by Forbes as "a business chat unicorn," Intercom is the world's first customer platform helping internet businesses accelerate growth. Today more than 30,000 companies, including New Relic, Sotheby's and Shopify connect with a billion unique people worldwide. "Ours is a highly transactional business, and we are always trying new and different things to ensure a smooth and rapid sales cycle," said Jeff Serlin, Senior Director & Head of Global Sales, Support Operations & Sales Development at Intercom. "Many of these things are quite complex and hinge on flexible and robust sales lead routing." Intercom's first foray into automated lead routing was the result of a classic "build or buy" decision. "Build" briefly won the day with Intercom initially deploying a custom-built, consultant maintained, software solution. "The build decision was made prior to me joining the company and was probably appropriate at that time, but by the time I joined, the custom solution had outlived its usefulness and was causing more problems than it was solving," explained Serlin. Specifically, with outside consultants at the wheel, changes to the system would take a couple of weeks and a couple of thousand dollars to implement. "We lacked agility, our momentum was eroding, and our ability to innovate was compromised," described Serlin. "Consequently, we moved to reclaim control of this critical sales process by investing in a well- designed packaged solution for routing." That solution was LeanData. The LeanData Solution Intercom went live with LeanData in December 2017, and soon found it had gained everything that it had lacked in its legacy solution. Speed and Agility Said Thomas Sunderland, Senior Sales System Manager for Intercom, "Essentially, LeanData enables us to change what we want, when we want, which is something we could only dream of before." For Sunderland, "before" meant meeting weekly with the outside consultants who maintained the custom-built solution, and taking an hour or more walking them through the "to do" document, which itself took three or four hours each week for inside staff to compile. Then it would take two or more weeks before the requested changes were implemented. With LeanData, that has now changed completely. "Time-to-delivery has been our biggest savings," explained Sunderland. "Now, in less than an hour, we can use LeanData to create, test and deploy modifications to vacation settings and routing flows and pools and make other types of tweaks that we used to have to farm out to consultants. It's been extremely liberating."

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