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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Customer Service, Software, B2B HEADQUARTERS San Francisco, CA CHALLENGES Lead distribution workflow was done manually and a challenge to execute with limited resources. Manual processes left room for error—leads were not always sent to the right sales reps at the right time, causing the sales team to create a Slack channel to find the right owner. The organization lacked visibility into the performance of its lead management operations. Sales team was unclear on which leads should be their priority. SOLUTIONS LeanData Matching uses industry leading fuzzy matching algorithm to automatically match leads to existing accounts. LeanData Routing enables custom routing rules, enabling the speedy delivery of leads to the right reps at the right time, increasing efficiency and accelerating response time. RESULTS Decreased manual lead assignment by 45% and saved approximately 55 hours of work per week. Time to route leads decreased 82%—f rom 45 minutes to about eight minutes. Lead touches decreased 90% on average— f rom four to eight hours to 30 minutes. Zendesk Reduces Lead Routing Time by 82% with LeanData Zendesk has grown tremendously since the software company was founded in 2007. It now has four major sales regions around the globe, and in the past two-and-a-half years, its staff has doubled in size. Zendesk prides itself on a commitment to serve businesses of all sizes with a speedy and personalized approach. To stay the course through the company's rapid expansion, Zendesk needed a SaaS solution that could provide greater visibility into business processes as well as applying automation, allowing its team to focus on delivering excellent service that resulted in driving revenue. Moving beyond cumbersome software and manual workflows Zendesk's large, diverse customer base generates high lead volume, but with limited resources, it was a challenge to process, qualify, contact and track leads. This was especially complex because Zendesk supports a range of customers from small and medium sized businesses to large enterprises. As Zendesk expanded, each new sales group had different needs for assigning leads. The company was relying on their sales tool's out-of-the-box routing, but was outgrowing capabilities. For example, the round robin functionality Zendesk used in the U.S. didn't work for many leads in Africa because they needed to route to French speaking reps. The various routing methods the company had built out were becoming unwieldy, causing leads to be assigned to the wrong reps. The sales team was spending time qualifying leads and even had a Slack channel set up to find the rightful owner of incorrectly routed leads. Zendesk needed a technology solution that could support its global teams and help tackle the challenges that come with rapid multinational expansion, such as providing service in various languages and in remote regions. The company needed this solution to be able to automate lead processing and free up its sales team's time to focus on business development. Our leaders want high-level insights into business processes, and that's what LeanData was able to provide—beyond its capabilities as a tool. LeanData helped us expose the story behind the numbers." - JM Caballero, Senior Manager of Marketing Operations

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