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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Restaurant, Software, B2B HEADQUARTERS Boston, MA CHALLENGES Multiple reps prospecting the same accounts No way to measure the success of the lead management process Difficult to match prospects to account information Inability to make changes or try new ideas required to keep up with rapid growth SOLUTIONS LeanData Matching uses industry leading fuzzy matching algorithm to automatically match leads to existing accounts. LeanData Routing enables custom routing rules, enabling the speedy delivery of leads to the right reps at the right time, increasing efficiency and accelerating response time. RESULTS LeanData has removed nearly 90% of Toast's duplicate records by matching leads to the right accounts. LeanData has made it easy for Toast to establish who is responsible for actioning which leads, and to monitor the results. Using LeanData's lead routing tools has dramatically increased Toast's speed- to-lead time so the best reps respond to the hottest leads in real-time, doubling conversion rates in some territories. LeanData's flexibility has made it possible for Toast to change routing rules in real- time to meet the evolving needs of a rapidly growing business. How Toast's Revenue Ops Team Supports and Drives Hypergrowth with LeanData - With Ross Nibur, Director of Revenue Operations Over the past eight years, Toast has gone f rom a startup founded by three guys in a basement to becoming the leading cloud-based restaurant management platform. As one of Toast's first sales leadership hires, Ross Nibur was faced with the challenge of turning their ad-hoc approach to managing prospects into a streamlined system that could flex as their organization grew. Now, as Director of Revenue Operations, Ross and his team support over 500 reps who are key to Toast's growth, and they're using LeanData to help make that happen. Turning Big Ideas into Operating Principles When Ross Nibur started with Toast as Director of Business Development, the company had a business development team of six. "Toast was a team that was growing really fast and experimenting with everything we could to pull on different levers" says Ross. At the time, the primary focus of Toast's business development team was on prospecting and fielding incoming leads and passing them on to sales. In fact, the business development reps told Ross that they found leads by going to Yelp and calling restaurants using their cell phones. There was no way to keep track of who was calling which prospects, nor was there a system in place to avoid duplicate records. Ross was surprised to learn that the reps didn't even log activities when they called on accounts. This haphazard approach caused confusion over duplicates in their lead database and meant that multiple reps could be prospecting to the same accounts. "We'd have a BDR already working on this account, outbound, and now all of a sudden an inbound rep has booked it and taken the permission away," he says. Ross's challenge was clear: if they were going to grow their sales force, it was time to focus on bringing in operational best practices. "It was a really innovative opportunity for us to lean in and say, 'Okay. Hold on. If we want this team to be 40 people by the end of the year, how are we going to measure success?" Ross says. The ability to bake lead routing, data matching, and real-time optimization together was a big part of why we decided to pursue LeanData as a solution to our problems."

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