The State of Revenue Operations 2019

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22 The State of Revenue Operations 2019: A Survey of 2,462 B2B Sales and Marketing Professionals VIDEO "The Journey to Revenue Operations: Charting a Course to 2020 and Beyond" – Opening Keynote at OpsStars 2019 by research directors at Forrester | SiriusDecisions WEBINARS "Revenue Operations: Now is the Time" – LeanData Webinar featuring Sales Ops Strategies practice lead at Forrester | SiriusDecisions "Revenue Operations Is Coming. Are You Ready?" – LeanData Webinar featuring Chief Analyst at TOPO PODCASTS Q&A with Hilary Headlee – Zoom's Head of Sales Ops & Enablement talks about alignment outside a strict RevOps structure Q&A with Dan Carpenter – SVP Revenue Excellence & Operations at VMware Carbon Black on the necessity of RevOps in a fast-moving market Q&A with Franco Anzini – Malwarebytes' VP of Revenue Operations says RevOps is coming, like it or not Q&A with Jake Randall – Okta's VP Business Operations explains how he was always doing RevOps, before it was even called that Q&A with A.J. Gandhi – RingCentral's VP of Sales and Service Ops describes an organic RevOps journey Q&A with Sara McNamara – Cloudera's Marketing Ops Manager on how to cope with a RevOps journey in the midst of a major merger Q&A with Evan Liang – CEO of LeanData on the opportunities around RevOps Q&A with Craig Rosenberg – Chief Analyst at TOPO says RevOps is a B2B must-have Q&A with Kerry Cunningham – Senior Research Director of Marketing Ops Strategies at SiriusDecisions | Forrester explains what it takes to do RevOps right Additional Resources

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