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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Product Adoption, Software, B2B HEADQUARTERS Raleigh, NC CHALLENGES Rapid expansion was causing growing pains such as the need to f requently change sales territories. Manual lead distribution was time consuming and exacerbated by the company's hyper growth. Limited resources meant Pendo was operating reactively, and the company needed a solution that could help it become proactive. SOLUTIONS LeanData Matching industry leading fuzzy matching algorithm to automatically match leads to existing accounts. LeanData Routing enables custom routing rules, enabling the speedy delivery of leads to the right reps, increasing efficiency and accelerating response time. LeanData Attribution accurately ties revenue to campaigns to create a common dataset that both sales and marketing teams trust. RESULTS Time to route and assign leads decreased f rom 90 minutes to 10 minutes on average—a reduction of 89%. Incorrect lead assignment decreased by 50%. Segment and routing changes are smoother and more efficient. No longer reliant on developers thanks to LeanData's agile and user friendly interface. Pendo's marketing and sales teams now work more closely together. Pendo Optimizes Territory Management and Harnesses Rapid Growth with LeanData - Feras Abdel, Director of Sales Operations and Tyler Crumpler, Senior Manager, Integrated Marketing Pendo's robust integrated platform empowers digital product teams to build better products. The company has six offices worldwide and serves more than 1,400 customers f rom Fortune 500 companies and technology startups to educational institutions and nonprofits. Pendo is quickly adding to its ranks of over 400 staff, and was named #73 on the 2019 Inc. 5000: The Most Successful Companies in America. The company also recently raised $100 million to expand geographically and add to both product and engineering teams as well as sales and marketing. To keep pace with its hyper growth, Pendo needed a scalable SaaS solution to optimize critical business functions, save time, and drive revenue. A company evolving beyond its software Pendo faced growing pains as it expanded, such as the need to adjust sales territories multiple times per year. Every staffing-related change affected account assignment, lead assignment, and lead routing, and the lead distribution process was manual and cumbersome. Anytime a change was made, the operations team had to download a file of the affected records, change the ownership in Excel, then re-import the file into Salesforce. It took up to two hours to make an account executive change—and Pendo hired 100 new employees in the past fiscal year alone. Pendo was evolving so quickly that it had limited time to analyze data, such as attribution insights, to learn which of its marketing efforts were most successful. The company needed a SaaS solution that could enable it to be proactive and agile, as well as provide visibility into which marketing and sales activities resonated with customers and prospects. Finding a SaaS solution to support hyper growth As Pendo's operations team gained greater insight into the company's growth strategy, it became clear how their day-to-day work was about to change, and that they needed a solution to help efficiently scale their efforts. Pendo decided to look for a SaaS partner and based its search on several criteria. The solution needed to be agile and user f riendly so the team could make changes quickly, as well as be the source of truth for both lead and account data. The product also had to be native to Salesforce and integrate with various tools such as Outreach. "Our tech stack is very large, and we didn't want it to become unmanageable," Abdel said. "It's great that LeanData lives within Salesforce so we don't have yet another login to give to the team."

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