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Simple, Accurate, and Actionable Engagement Analytics For an effective account-based strategy, it is critical that Marketing has holistic account data. Marketers often don't know how accounts are interacting with campaigns or the sales teams, making it difficult to improve marketing ROI. LeanData Engagement provides the most simple, accurate, and actionable engagement insights, crucial for coordinating an account-based strategy across Sales and Marketing. PRODUCT SHEET | ENGAGEMENT Benefits • Reduce Analysis Time • Drive Marketing & Sales Alignment • Improve Campaign Conversion Rates Features • Account Engagement Visualization • Campaign Engagement Visualization • Sales Follow-up Lists • Out-of-Box Engagement Reports Uncover all Engagements at the Account Level With engagement insights in every account, LeanData Engagement enables marketers to drive alignment with Sales so that they can improve campaign conversion rates and drive more pipeline, improving ROI. Marketing teams can view the sales and marketing engagements with every lead and contact, and push for Sales to follow-up with the identified buyers who are actively engaged. One Holistic View that Marketing & Sales Can Trust • Built upon the best Lead-to-Account Matching solution in the market, view engagement data f rom all related leads and contacts within the account. • Visualize Sales and Marketing engagements along the account journey, for any account. • Understand how engaged or unengaged all accounts, leads, contacts, and campaign members are, without time consuming analysis. • Use engagement reports to enable true account-based marketing that Sales and Marketing can act on. • Provide Sales with a list of actively engaging leads f rom target accounts. Uncover which target accounts are engaged and which are not to make adjustments to marketing activities. • Take advantage of the flexibility by customizing which engagements are tracked and use engagement data with 3rd party Business Intelligence tools.

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