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2 CUSTOMER STORY Finding a solution to drive action and revenue With an eye on accelerating results across the company, Lacorte and his team honed in on addressing Trifacta's challenges. They knew they needed a SaaS solution to optimize their efforts. The team chose LeanData to tackle Trifacta's matching and routing issues because Lacorte was familiar with the software f rom his past experience at Host Analytics and Xactly, and he knew he could trust its capabilities. Trifacta implemented LeanData and set up matching and routing in two weeks. "I knew LeanData was the one. It was huge to be able to fix that big of an issue for the company in such a short amount of time, and with such ease," Lacorte said. Increasing opportunity creation and lead response time Today, Trifacta mainly routes leads to SDRs, but the company also routes leads with the highest conversion rates to corporate account executives so they can follow up directly. LeanData helps ensure this happens quickly. Trifacta has a set of partner accounts as well, and LeanData helps route the right leads to those alliances. Lead response time takes less than 24 hours now, rather than five days. As a result, opportunity creation has increased by 25%, and stage 1 opportunity generation is at all-time high levels. SDR complaints about receiving the wrong leads (or no leads at all) have also declined drastically. "The biggest benefit of LeanData has been getting the right lead in the right hands in less than an hour," Lacorte said. "It's amazing." Improving operational efficiency and collaboration Trifacta is no longer bogged down by tech with limited functionality. Now, when the company makes territory changes and needs to update leads en masse, it can execute the process smoothly with LeanData. This is especially helpful because Trifacta has a small team and needs to be able to act quickly to make time for new initiatives. In addition, collaboration between Trifacta's sales and marketing teams has increased, and the company has a good relationship with LeanData. "To be able to call on LeanData at any time to get help is huge for me," Lacorte said. "It's always been one of the key things I look for in a vendor—that they'll be able to help me, whether it's through implementation or post-sale, and LeanData was definitely there. The customer support has been great." Optimizing for future growth Trifacta has recently started working on a large, critical customer database project with LeanData. Trifacta currently uses the Salesforce Community Cloud and needs its cloud users to be attached to specific customer accounts, which requires LeanData's matching capabilities. "We've wanted to do this project for years, but haven't been able to until now. To be able to call LeanData and hear, 'Yeah, we've just done that five times with other customers and we can implement it within a day or two,' is fantastic. We're really excited." Looking forward, Trifacta is interested in exploring LeanData's integration with SalesLoft, as well as LeanData's Attribution solution. Lacorte says a benefit of LeanData is that it's like an extension of his team to help drive future growth. "That's why my advice to anyone looking for a revenue operations platform is to buy the best in breed solution. Don't waste your time trying to build something yourself," he said. "Hire an operations person who can look at your processes and systems holistically, and buy a solution that can help you execute and accomplish projects." Trifacta Reduces Lead Routing Time from Days to Minutes with LeanData About Trifacta Trifacta helps individuals and organizations unlock the potential of their data. The company's data wrangling solutions empower customers to improve efficiency, launch new analytics initiatives, and do more with data of all shapes and sizes.

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