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2 CUSTOMER STORY An implementation delivered with speed and support Lewis had used LeanData at a previous company, so she talked to a former colleague who assured her the solution could fulfill her use case with Mist. Once Lewis was confident that LeanData could automatically assign records to the right sales rep, she acted quickly. "It was a no-brainer because it solved a problem of a massive manual and time intensive process for my team," she said. Implementation was an equally smooth process. After a few short working sessions with the LeanData team, everything was complete in less than two weeks. LeanData's ability to quickly respond to Lewis' questions made the implementation easy, fast, and possible in the timeline that Mist required—with room to spare. "Once you understand the basics, LeanData has great documentation to follow. I could just copy and migrate things f rom sandbox to production, which saved hours of rebuilding," Lewis said. "It was a ref reshing surprise to have that much support. I've done a lot of implementations with different tools, and I've never had the white glove service that I had with LeanData." Fast, accurate routing that sales reps can trust Mist's sales reps now receive opportunities quickly and accurately, which allows them to serve their customers faster. Lewis estimated that if the company had to complete opportunity and account assignment manually, each instance could have taken one to two days. With LeanData Routing, Mist's sales team receives accounts and opportunities immediately, as well as an email with all of the information they need. Sales reps don't have to question where a record came f rom or what the next steps are because it's all outlined in the notification process. "We haven't had to do any education around LeanData either, which is a win because I didn't have time to train people on this aspect of the integration. The beauty of this is that people just know it works," Lewis said. "No one has come to me and said they've received the wrong account." Mist can also manage territories with greater ease when the company makes a new hire or a change due to a promotion. LeanData offers a user-f riendly interface to oversee this work. In addition, the organization no longer has to manage over 200 workflow rules or hit rule limits. Broader business benefits include time to strategize LeanData gives Mist's sales operations team at least four hours a week back to focus on more strategic projects, and build enhancements and greater efficiency into Salesforce, which all supports sales reps and drives revenue for the company. The sales ops team no longer has to be bogged down by tactical system tasks such as reassigning and manipulating accounts and opportunities. "Growth and success comes down to time to action to support our customers and partners, and to make sure that sales reps are giving things immediate attention. LeanData's alerts have helped with that," Lewis said. "Our team is customer-service focused, and in our case the customer is the sales rep, so we're always trying to make their lives easier." Mist's sales organization will become more complex across accounts and verticals as the company grows alongside Juniper. As Mist's and Juniper's sales teams converge more through the acquisition and the integration, LeanData will help create synergies between the two companies. "We have big plans for growth, and our sales operations function," Lewis said. LeanData made sure we met my implementation timeline with room to spare. It was a refreshing surprise to have so much support. I've done many implementations with various tools, and I've never had the white glove service that I had with LeanData." - Glenna Lewis, Sales Operations Manager Mist Eliminates 200+ Workflow Rules and Decreases Time to Action with LeanData About Mist Mist's AI-driven Wireless LAN is the first of its kind, and makes Wi-Fi predictable, reliable, and measurable. It enables scalable indoor location services like wayfinding, proximity messaging, and asset visibility. Mist's AI technology plays a key role in bringing automation and insight across the full IT stack, delivering seamless end-to-end user experiences and substantial IT cost savings.

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