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LeanData & Outreach Integration Decrease time-to-first-touch by automatically engaging prospects LeanData Technology Partner Challenge Sales teams must manually engage prospects in a timely and error- f ree fashion. Yet due to the tedious nature of this work, teams often delay or forget to do so entirely, resulting in increased customer acquisition costs, a reduced likelihood of prospects converting, and a negative buyer experience. Solution LeanData's integration with Outreach allows a user to route a prospect to the right rep with the appropriate context and then immediately queue the prospect for automated engagement. By enabling immediate outbound engagement, sales teams can strengthen prospect engagement, improve time-to-revenue, and increase prospect conversion rates. Key Benefits • Maximize prospect conversion rates • Ensure all prospects receive messaging • Free-up rep time for other value add tasks • Accelerate pipeline velocity • Improve buyer experience Select Sequence to add prospects to New Lead or Contact enters flow Prospect follows routing logic Add the Outreach node to your routing flow Lead Owner User Field on Lead Specific USer Prospect is assigned to rep Message: Let's act on this Lead ASAP <@New.Owner>! Determine Sequence assignee Prospect is auto-added to configured Sequence Prospect automatically receives outbound messaging How It Works Flowbuilder, LeanData's visual routing tool, makes it easy to determine which prospects to include in a specific Outreach Sequence as well as f rom which rep a customer should receive the automated messaging f rom. To learn more about how to automatically engage prospects, visit us at Get Started Today "We're able to route leads and get them into a Outreach Sequence. Now we're averaging about 3.5 minutes f rom creation to Sequenced. Since we started doing that, first response time has come down 400%." Raheel Alam, BombBomb Salesforce Admin PRODUCT SHEET

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