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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Computer Software HEADQUARTERS Cerritos, CA CHALLENGES AuditBoard had to manually review all leads that the company received. The process wasn't efficient and didn't produce a high ROI. The inbound lead queue was full of thousands of high quality leads that sales reps didn't have time to work. Even high-priority leads took a few hours to follow up with, if anyone had time to reach out to them at all. SOLUTIONS LeanData Matching automatically matches leads to existing accounts with the industry's leading fuzzy matching algorithm. LeanData Routing increases efficiencies and accelerates response time by enabling custom routing rules and facilitating the speedy delivery of leads to the right reps at the right time. Outreach helps reps execute their best playbooks by creating a measurable series of touch points that drive deeper engagement with prospects and customers. RESULTS 167% increase in new accounts reached per week Reduced time to follow up with leads f rom up to 48 hours to just two 40 hours saved per week with LeanData's automated matching and routing 12 hours saved per week with Outreach's automated sequencing AuditBoard Reduces Manual Work by 50+ Hours Per Week with LeanData and Outreach - With Robert Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales AuditBoard is an enterprise cloud-based solution designed to automate risk, audit and compliance activities and streamline internal audit management processes. AuditBoard is the fastest growing cloud application company and the third fastest growing technology company in North America as ranked on Deloitte's Technology Fast 500. The cloud-based platform transforms risk management for customers such as prominent pre-IPO and Fortune 50 organizations. AuditBoard helps its customers modernize, simplify, and elevate their audit, risk, and compliance functions. AuditBoard generates and receives hundreds of leads per day. The company initially had a manual lead assignment process, and needed a solution to qualify leads automatically and route them to the right people to begin follow-up. Because AuditBoard's business development representative (BDR) team had to manually review all of the leads that came into the organization, even high priority leads took a few hours to get in touch with. This process was inefficient and left money on the table. "When I joined the company, we had an inbound lead queue full of thousands of leads that had never been touched. These were high-quality, high-intent leads who had engaged on our website, downloaded content, and/or requested a demo," said Robert Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales at AuditBoard. Robert wanted his BDRs to spend time on target outbound accounts, rather than manually qualifying leads. AuditBoard wanted to automate the manual lead and follow-up process and reduce time to contact. The organization needed a revenue operations solution, otherwise it would have to hire more employees to work through the lead queue. "If you think about hiring one more person, that's salary, commissions, benefits—it's a lot of money," Simmons said. "I thought, if we could avoid hiring another person and purchase a software solution every year instead, that would speak volumes." LeanData was always at the top of our list because it was the vendor most recommended by people I trust. We looked at the pain we were trying to solve and evaluated which vendor could solve that pain, as well as which one seamlessly integrated with Salesforce and Outreach. LeanData was the only solution that could meet both these requirements." - Robert Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales at AuditBoard

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