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2020 OpsStars Awards 7 Go-to-Market Agility Powered by Operational Excellence The COVID-19 pandemic and its economic impact required many Sales and Marketing leaders to rapidly reinvent both short- and long-term go-to-market strategies. This award recognizes one operations team and its standout ability to help an organization nimbly pivot to successfully meet new market realities. "I believe our go-to-market approach is in line with best practices for operations because we were thoughtful and thorough, and we leaned on various systems including LeanData to execute our plan. This experience showed us that we're capable of adapting on the fly as our business needs shift." - Chelsie Cauthon, Senior Marketing Operations Specialist, Duo Security The Operational Approach Duo Security's Marketing Operations team collaborated with the Marketing leadership, Field Marketing and Sales to strategize on ways to ensure that virtual events would be as successful as in-person events. They got creative and relied on their Martech stack. First, to qualify leads f rom virtual events, they would run leads through a series of qualifiers in 6sense and only assign leads that were most likely "in market" and ready to have conversation with sales. To identify existing customers, they used LeanData to match leads to accounts. They enabled their Sales team to identify in Salesforce whether a person matched to a customer account or if they were simply a prospect. This was a huge win because it was an easy step to work into Duo Security's process, and it was simple for the Sales team to refer to the information in Salesforce. The Impact The biggest takeaway f rom Duo Security's go-to-market initiative is the sheer volume of qualified leads the company has supplied to its Sales team -- a significant increase YOY. Duo Security was very fortunate to be able to not only uphold the anticipated lead volume for its Sales team, but to increase the volume during a global pandemic. The Challenge The transition of events due to COVID-19 changed the way Duo Security qualified event leads. They relied on one-to-one conversations in the past, which virtual events don't always allow for. The criteria and process for how leads should be processed in this new environment was a challenge.

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