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2020 OpsStars Awards 9 "If you're in the business of driving growth, it's critical to be able to look across all of your opportunities and actually see the programs and content that are fueling the deals." - Carlos Tobon, Director of Demand Generation, Eightfold "As we scale up pipeline, LeanData Analytics helps us easily communicate the impact that we're driving. - Dexter Hart, Head of Marketing Operations, Eightfold The Operational Approach They explored a few Engagement and Attribution solutions and eventually landed on LeanData. The teams already trusted LeanData for matching leads to accounts and routing them correctly. And, more importantly, all of the data and reporting lived in Salesforce where both Sales and Marketing teams live, so they could all rely on a single source of truth. Sales and Marketing first had to align on what defines a marketing engagement. Then they built out dashboards with this data, so everyone has visibility into which accounts are engaging and in which channels. By implementing first touch, multi touch, and last touch Attribution models, they also have data-driven insights into the customer journey and where to focus their efforts. Marketing also can now better understand which programs are driving both pipeline and revenue, which has been invaluable for planning and decision making. The Impact Implementing new tools and streamlined reporting has helped Eightfold create a common language of account engagement shared by the Marketing and Sales teams. Reporting that was manual, now is in dashboards. And because all the data lives in Salesforce, the Sales team also has greater visibility into marketing activities. That transparency not only builds trust, but helps focus Sales and Sales Development outreach efforts. Their original marketing plan for 2020 included a big focus on field events, but when the pandemic hit, they quickly pivoted to virtual events and additional digital marketing. Attribution has helped them validate the impact of new channels and provided the data to tell the story. Bringing together those pieces has helped them drive massive pipeline growth in the midst of the pandemic. The Challenge Eightfold AI's Marketing team wanted to better understand their ROI and to know which accounts were engaging with its marketing campaigns, something that seemed simple, but ended up being a challenging task. With data in Salesforce and Marketo, they had to pull multiple reports to paint a picture of engagement. They wanted clear reporting on the impact of their Marketing efforts without having to run manual reports. Attribution also had to be simple, clear and accurate to be to be trusted by Sales and the rest of organization. Eightfold needed one source of truth of marketing data across the company. Most Impactful Analytics Program of the Year An individual or team using data and analytics to power attribution or engagement programs with real ROI.

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