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2020 OpsStars Awards 8 "As we designed our new lead management program, we always asked what was in the best interest of our prospects. That enabled us to move away from defensive postures to an open discussion around how we could make the process better." - Christine Leonard, Director of Marketing Optimization, Amplify Education The Operational Approach Amplify created a cross-functional task force to address its challenges. They created a new function, Marketing Optimization, that was directly responsible for the hand off of leads f rom Marketing to Sales and hired an experienced SFDC Admin on the Business Systems team who would ensure changes made sense in the overall ecosystem. They created standing meetings between the Sales and Marketing teams to look at the data together to create a culture of accountability. And the Marketing team shadowed key sales reps and SDRs to understand the main pain points that they were facing in the day to day so they could be addressed. Once the teams were aligned and the problem was clear, the challenge was fi guring out how to remove the technical barriers that were preventing reps f rom responding to leads quickly. They knew they needed a routing system in place and ultimately decided that LeanData could best solve its core issue of routing leads and contacts to the right reps in real time. The Impact Amplify has reduced the time it takes to assign and contact leads by 84%. The company's conversion rate f rom MQL to SQL has increased f rom 12% to 17%, above its target of 15%. The organization has also exceeded its goal for Marketing-driven bookings by 38%. Having established relationships across various internal teams, as well as having the right tools, enabled Amplify to pivot quickly during the pandemic. The company has also noticed a shift in how its Sales and Marketing teams work together, driven by data, which has led to greater trust between the departments. The Challenge Amplify's Marketing team generated plenty of leads for the Sales team, but the two departments didn't have a common defi nition of a qualifi ed lead. In addition, dirty data made the follow-up process time consuming for the Sales team. The organization didn't have clear answers to basic questions such as how long it took to contact leads, whether they were slipping through the cracks, or whether MQLs were converting at acceptable rates. And, neither team owned these problems. Lead Management Program Transformation of the Year An operations-led initiative that drove transformational change in one organization's lead management engine across people, processes, and technology.

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