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2020 OpsStars Awards 5 All of us at Cybrary are held accountable to revenue. It was very clear in our quarterly review that the improved process led to large increases in demos booked and pipeline created. - Cami Ragano, Senior Director, Business Marketing, Cybray The Operational Approach The Marketing and Sales teams partnered to address this process. First, they set up a sync between Marketo and Salesforce - a huge fi rst step, but the leads continued to back up in Salesforce queues because that continued to be a manual process that lived with the Director of Sales Development and often fell down her list of priorities. Even worse, there was no way to easily see which leads were assigned to which sales team member and whether or not they had been contacted. They knew they needed automation and visibility if they were going to make an impact. Next, they implemented LeanData to automate lead routing. Now they strategically route their leads based on lead scores to round robin pools and have even implemented SLAs to ensure hot leads are touched in 20 minutes or less - a huge change f rom the previous backlog. By automating routing and providing visibility, they can now hold their teams accountable and easily report up to their executive team. The Impact Within one quarter of optimizing their lead processes, Cybrary saw signifi cant ROI and major impact on the business: • 64% increase in completed product demos • 45% more opportunities created • 133% increase in new pipeline • 38% growth in number of closed won opportunities • 98% increase in revenue f rom closed won opportunities The Challenge At one point in 2019, Cybrary took almost a year to assign a backlog of leads to their sales team. They receive up to 20,000 leads per week but reviewing and routing those leads was a manual process that required exporting f rom Marketo, importing into Salesforce, then manually assigning to a rep. Both Marketing and Sales leadership knew that this process had a direct impact on revenue and needed to be addressed. Highest ROI Program of the Year An individual or team on the leading edge of innovation in go-to-market operations resulting in real business impact. This award recognizes the trailblazers constantly pushing the envelope and not afraid of new approaches or experimentation with processes, org design, or their tech stack.

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