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2020 OpsStars Awards 6 Most Scalable Lead Management Program of the Year A team that significantly scaled lead management capabilities to support rapid business growth. "As our go-to-market approach changes, we'll be able to adapt our lead assignment rules to meet any change in our strategy. I don't know that we had the certainty before LeanData to make that statement. Now from an operational standpoint, we do." - Michael Fedynyshyn, Sr. Manager, Sales Operations & Strategy, Zoom The Operational Approach They knew they needed a lead management solution that could help the company scale quickly to keep up with its rapid growth, and they decided to use LeanData. They had an aggressive timeline of three months (January to March 2020) to implement the software. During that time, Zoom worked closely with LeanData to build and execute an implementation strategy. Meanwhile, COVID-19 hadn't been declared a pandemic yet, but the situation was evolving quickly. They deployed LeanData on March 4, right when offices around the globe started to work f rom home and people were looking for and using Zoom more than ever. This solution has made both processes faster and more accurate, enabling Zoom to formalize processes, and mature and scale its entire sales function. The Zoom team also made the investment to get LeanData Routing Certified, ensuring that everyone involved had confidence in managing the new solution. The Impact Since implementing LeanData, leads are getting routed to the right reps more quickly than ever before. With more control over the process, they can be more agile. Changes that used to take months now take one week or less to implement. Ultimately Zoom has been able to significantly scale their lead management capabilities to manage unexpected and explosive lead volume f rom around the world in 2020. The Challenge Custom code for lead routing lived within Zoom's Salesforce instance and was inflexible and slowed Ops processes down, which was especially problematic because the company had been in a high growth phase for the past several years and needed to scale. Any changes to lead routing required developer resources, which meant the Sales Operations team wasn't able to easily try new lead management initiatives or fine tune processes.

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