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Core Strategy Report © 2020 Forrester Research, Inc. All rights reserved. Managing the Strategic Evolution of Sales Operations Key accountabilities that drive best-in-class sales productivity What's in this report? Sales operations has existed as a unique discipline for at least 30 years. In recent years, however, the roles, responsibilities, and capabilities required by sales operations have been changing due to a variety of internal and external factors such as changes in buyer preferences and expectations, the proliferation of analytics and big data, the changing demographics of the workforce, and the changing role of the B2B sales rep. Meanwhile, sales leaders increasingly rely on sales operations as a strategic partner that can provide insight and intelligence about markets, customers, competitors, and sales performance while developing and managing initiatives focused on creating efficiency for each of the sales roles in the organization. In this Core Strategy Report, we describe the necessary evolution of sales operations from a mostly tactical function to a more strategic organization, and we define the SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Sunburst Model, which defines a structured approach for evolving the sales operations function focused on six major accountabilities. A sunburst is a figure or shape showing rays radiating out from a central point. To visualize information, a sunburst chart is often used to show proportions of different values found at each level in a hierarchy. In describing the accountabilities of sales operations, the sunburst depicts the core, or central, purpose of the function and the associated capabilities required to achieve that purpose. The following specific topics are covered in this report: Sales productivity. How does sales operations define and achieve best-in-class productivity across the sales organization? The changing role of sales operations. Why and how has sales operations adapted and evolved in recent years? The SiriusDecisions Sales Operations Sunburst Model. How can sales operations leaders leverage this model to become more strategic and evolve their function efficiently and effectively?

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