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SLA Automation & Tracking Improve lead response time to drive revenue growth Accelerating your speed to lead improves sales productivity, increases conversion, drives funnel velocity and scales your revenue growth. To improve lead response time, it's critical for revenue growth leaders to: • Define service level agreements (SLAs) • Automate and optimize processes to improve SLA compliance • Build processes to track SLA performance • Report out on SLA compliance • Hold reps accountable for missed SLAs Speed wins! Lead Response Time = Lead Processing Time + Representative Response Time Optimize speed to lead with LeanData's SLA Automation Increase conversions and book revenue faster by enabling Sales managers to reinforce the importance of speed to lead with time-based automated activities and notifications. Prioritize SLA-related actions with Hold Until nodes in your growth plays. Hold records midway through processes until either specified conditions are met or defined time limits expire before directing records further on their paths. LDSLA-042121-001 Consider the following: 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first (Lead Connect) 7x more likely to qualify a lead when reaching out within an hour as opposed to just one hour later (Harvard Business Review) 7% of companies respond to leads within five minutes, while 55 percent of companies respond in five or more days (Drift) Automate Notifications Hold record until Lead Status changes to "Qualified," then route record to an Account Executive with an automated notification to engage. Act or Re-Route Hold record until Lead Status changes to "Working;" otherwise, exit the node after 1 hour for reassignment to a different SDR. Make Sales-Ready Hold a record until enrichment is complete, then route through the established process.

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