5 Must-Haves for Every SDR Stack

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Lead-to-Account Matching & Routing Enrichment SDRs SDR EMPOWERMENT SDR ENABLEMENT Sales Engagement Conversational & Revenue Intelligence "In recent years, we've seen lead-to-account matching and routing solutions become integral to the tech stacks of the highest-performing sales and marketing organizations." – Craig Rosenberg, Distinguished VP, Analyst at Gartner • Save 15 minutes per lead by eliminating manual work • Increase speed to lead by 2X • Ensure fair distribution of leads across reps • Measure SLAs of sales follow up Value to SDRs Why LeanData? LeanData is the leader in Lead–to-Account Matching, Routing, and Sales - Marketing Engagement solutions. We stand at the center of your CRM, connecting data to the right people. By aligning Marketing and Sales with accurate matching, routing, and trustworthy engagement analytics, sales reps only get the leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities they need to work on, so they can close more deals and drive more revenue, faster. Request Demo Get Started Today: Visit LeanData.com to learn more about LeanData's go-to-market operations solutions for Matching, Routing and Engagement, or visit us on AppExchange. 2 3 4 5 MUSTHAVES FOR EVERY SDR STACK 5 1 CRM Unleash the Full Power of Your SDR Team L2A Matching & Routing has 'crossed the chasm,' fully transitioned from being new and exploratory to being well-known and widely adopted.

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