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2021 OpsStars Awards: ABM Program of the Year - Snowflake

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ABM Program of the Year An organization or team exemplifying a best-practices approach to account-centric programs with proven success. The Operational Approach Snowflake put processes in place to enable all stakeholders across sales and marketing to determine which accounts to target, which tactics to launch and when, as well as which message to drive into each account—then repeat. Using direct feedback from the sales team, Snowflake designed three tiers of ABM programs to address the needs of different accounts across the funnel with varying suites of account research, campaign treatment, and program timeframes. Each tier included targeted marketing campaigns and targeted SDR sequences. The end goal was to align tech, people, processes, and programs to innovate 1:1 ABM at scale. Snowflake strategically wove its tech stack together to automate and orchestrate where possible, while maintaining a personal touch where it is most impactful. Operational Results Snowflake's integrated ABM motions have helped multiply the effectiveness of sales and marketing across the board. Under the new program, SDRs recorded: • 2.7x meeting rate in Enterprise accounts • 3x campaign responders in Enterprise accounts • 4.7x meeting rate in Majors accounts • 10x campaign responders in Majors accounts Snowflake SDRs booked first meetings in almost half of the Tier-3 accounts (previously stone cold for two+ years) within the first four weeks of the tiered program. The Challenge In 2020, Snowflake made history as the largest software IPO, requiring internal business teams to scale operations and impact to match the company's aggressive growth targets. While account-based marketing (ABM) had proven a successful boutique method of penetrating sales-nominated must-win accounts, a more robust, integrated approach was now critical. Specifically, the ABM team needed to unify with the sales development (SDR) team to create a cohesive strategy and scalable program. The Winner "Account-based marketing has to be integrated and orchestrated between sales and marketing to be successful, and has to be built on well-designed processes and tech stacks to be repeatable." - Lars Nilsson, VP Global Sales Development 2 0 2 1 O p s S t a r s A w a r d s

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