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2021 OpsStars Awards: Buyer Experience Award - Atlassian

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Buyer Experience Award An organization or team who has developed a best-practice operational approach to enable a world-class buyer experience with successful business outcomes of improved conversion or revenue. The Operational Approach Atlassian partnered with performance marketing agency LeadMD to look holistically at its challenges. They began by examining interdependencies within Atlassian, and then aligned departments to feed the company's goals. Atlassian recognized it needed to bring marketing operations into design conversations earlier and involve that team in decision-making and course-setting. Leveraging Marketo's Salesforce integration, Atlassian's marketing and sales teams streamlined their efforts. Within 60 days, the Atlassian team integrated two product lines into the new, scalable technology infrastructure. Five new product lines were integrated within one fiscal year, setting the standard for remaining product lines and future acquisitions. Taking this small-steps approach allowed Atlassian to pressure-test each solution before implementing it business-wide. Operational Results The new process identified a series of team-wide optimizations and recommendations for creating less waste and confusion at the top of funnels. Atlassian's integrations and segmentations now take as little as half the time as they did previously, with less overhead and fewer headaches. Overall, Atlassian is transforming their customers' experiences one product at a time. Sales and marketing teams now have visibility into customer engagement at the product, solution, and account level, allowing for better segmentation and messaging, with far less unintentional crossover. The Challenge While Atlassian provides top-notch solutions for its customers, the experience was often disjointed and even disruptive. Atlassian's fast growth and numerous acquisitions made integration of new products and processes challenging. Product lines were managed in silos: each sales team focused on a specific line, and customers and prospects could be contacted by multiple representatives. As well, a lack of overall data strategy led to the inconsistent manual creation of marketing segments, which meant it was difficult to ensure that they could deliver the right message to the right audience. Atlassian needed company-wide visibility into customer interactions and a way to sell entire solutions, rather than individual products. The Winner "Atlassian's #1 priority is providing exceptional experiences for our customers, especially including our marketing and sales motions. We realized the pace, complexity and diversity of our go-to-market approach created a unique opportunity to significantly improve the customer experience and efficiency of our operations, at scale. By taking a holistic view of our systems, deciding on the best-in-class approach, then keeping our customers at the center of design decisions, we increased the relevance and timeliness of our entire go-to-market approach while building for long-term scale." - Jonah Cooperman, Head of Lifecycle Marketing 2 0 2 1 O p s S t a r s A w a r d s

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