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2021 OpsStars Awards: Go to Market Agility Powered by Operational Excellence - Verizon Connect

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Go-to-Market Agility Powered by Operational Excellence With 2021 in a state of constant change, Sales and Marketing leaders are rapidly reinventing both short- and long-term go-to- market strategies. This award recognizes one operations team and its standout ability to help an organization nimbly pivot to successfully meet new market realities. The Operational Approach Sales Ops, working with the BDR team, identified that BDRs needed to reduce the time spent looking for people to call. In particular, the outbound BDRs spent the bulk of their time digging through Salesforce looking for leads instead of talking on the phone. Sales Ops worked with the sales team to define the call list criteria and business rules. The team established a minimum threshold for assigned leads and accounts available to call. Each night the BDR lists are filled up to that threshold with leads that fit the criteria; leads that didn't meet the criteria are removed from the BDR pipeline. At first, the list management was done manually, and involved several teams, including IT. To improve on this time-consuming setup, Sales Ops automated a number of Salesforce processes by building code in the back end of LeanData to schedule the jobs to run each night Operational Results After one month, the new automated motion affects about 40% of reps and the plan is to expand to all global teams. After running the automated push for one month, the volume of records reps receive has already increased and substantial manual work has been eliminated: • Sales Ops is saving about 35 hours a week • BDRs' hunting time is reduced by ~7.5 hours a week • BDRs spend 6% more time on the phone; improvements will continue as adoption increases The Challenge Verizon Connect's Sales Ops team wanted to evolve from a tactical, task-driven group to a strategic business partner. The first challenge area they focused on was increasing the amount of time business development reps (BDRs) spent talking with prospects—which was, on average, only 1.5 hours per 8-hour workday. Sales Ops wanted to help increase dial count and bring more customers in. The Winner "Building a program to automate operations and eliminate repetitive manual tasks enabled our team to become a strategic partner. We had to start by understanding the problem the sales team was facing, from their perspective—and look through the eyes of the customer to inform structure and standardization." - Ethan Murphy, Senior Analyst, Sales Ops 2 0 2 1 O p s S t a r s A w a r d s

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