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2021 OpsStars Awards: Most Cutting Edge Ops Program of the Year - Qlik

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Most Cutting-Edge Ops Program of the Year An individual or team on the cutting edge of innovation in modern go-to-market operations demonstrating forward thinking solutions across people, process and/or technology resulting in real business impact. The Operational Approach Qlik decided to make a huge shift in strategy and focus on acquiring large enterprise accounts. This required new, strategic, account-based, outbound motion. Managing this motion and assigning leads in a smart and organized manner was crucial, and they would need to align their tech stack to the new approach. Qlik moved to a Marketo-first architecture with streamlined data flow supported by MarTech stack that enables speed to call, quality engagements, BDR productivity, lead-to-revenue predictability and a significantly enhanced prospect and customer experience including: 6sense, LeanData, Conversica, Salesloft, ZoomInfo, TechTarget and Drift. First, the teams created and assigned a list of target accounts. Marketing and sales leaders defined business rules for lead distribution based on criteria such as product, region, and type of content. Each region has different go-to-market models and lead management requirements. Leads are now matched to accounts, immediately converted to contacts, and routed based on the established account criteria. Leads requiring additional qualification are automatically routed to Conversica or Salesloft for further nurture in the language aligned to their GTM. Fast tracked leads are sent to BDRs who have 30 minutes to respond and are ultimately rewarded when a lead converts into an opportunity. Operational Results Since adopting its new ops program, Qlik has seen an overall increase in the quantity of opportunities. By focusing on the quality, instead of quantity, of inbound leads, the company is driving improved funnel efficiency and BDR productivity. As well, BDRs are following up on "Please contact us" leads within set SLA times, improving the customer experience. The Challenge Data analytics and integration pioneer Qlik is focused on delivering a quality prod- uct and excellent customer experience. But an extraordinary volume of inbound leads, sometimes thousands a week, overwhelmed the business development representatives (BDRs). Qlik had no way to make sure leads got to the right person or that the lead distribution was even. At times, multiple BDRs would pick the same lead from the queue, resulting in friction. To make matters worse, BDRs weren't made aware of "please contact me" requests in a timely manner, resulting in complaints and loss of business. The Winner "Achieving an integrated, quality experience requires quality, internal capabilities. For us, that included a lean and mean marketing operations team, optimized processes, and a team member dedicated to documenting business rules." - Mariken Van Dolen, Marketing Operations Manager 2 0 2 1 O p s S t a r s A w a r d s

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