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2021 OpsStars Awards: OpsStar of the Year - Raheel Alam

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OpsStar of the Year Our annual "best in show" award which recognizes the standout achievements or contributions to the industry of one Ops professional. Why is now an exciting time to be in Ops? Now is an exciting time to be in Ops because of all the change that we've experienced in the past 12 to 18 months. Ops is really on the cutting edge of that change, and learning and adapting, and really able to make tangible differences in companies. Tell us about a recent business challenge Showpad was facing? Our response times after form submission for new, in-market leads were too slow. We struggled with poor integration between Marketo and Salesforce—it took 30 minutes for a new lead to be synced to Salesforce— which led to poor first-response times. In-market, high- fit leads were being neglected, creating a poor buyer experience. How did you start to address the challenge? First, I thoroughly reviewed every field being synced between Marketo and Salesforce. Working with the marketing campaign lead and marketing ops analyst, we removed fields that weren't needed and rebuilt other fields to sync less often to simplify processing. We also added relevant new formula fields, which we did sync so we wouldn't lose the value of the removed count fields. We implemented SLAs around time-to-assignment and time-to-first-contact. We created dashboards, which showed average time-to-first-contact by rep and a breakdown of how many leads were responded to within 10, 20, 40, or 60-plus minutes, and those over one day. We trained reps and managers to use this for coaching and to ensure we improved time-to-first- contact. Do you have any results to share? Absolutely! The Marketo sync went from syncing new leads every 30 minutes to syncing in near real-time. In fact, the average time from lead creation in Marketo to being assigned in Salesforce is now around 50 seconds. Within three months after SLA implementation, time- to-first-contact improved from 114 minutes to 11 minutes on average. What's your favorite piece of advice you've gained from the OpsStars Community? I'd say the best piece of advice I've gotten from OpsStars is that people matter. The people in Ops matter, the people that we serve matter. At the end of the day, if you can make sure that you optimize for them, you'll succeed and they'll succeed. The Winner "I think what it means to be an OpsStar is somebody that cares very deeply about both process and people, and marrying those two together to create the best buyer and seller experience." - Raheel Alam, Salesforce Administrator 2 0 2 1 O p s S t a r s A w a r d s Raheel Alam Salesforce Administrator

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