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LeanData & Salesforce Sales Engagement Integration Boost your sales productivity and speed to lead with LeanData's seamless integration with Salesforce's Sales Engagement Proven Results with Over 800 Customers The Challenge Behind Response Time Manually adding the right leads and contacts to a Salesforce Sales Engagement sales cadence is a time- consuming process that creates delays and increases time-to-first-touch. This results in increased customer acquisition costs, negative buyer experiences, and reduced lead conversion. The Solution for Quicker Response Time LeanData Routing's seamless integration with Salesforce Sales Engagement allows you to automatically distribute leads and contacts to sales cadences for the most relevant outreach. By automating this process, you can instantly determine the right cadence and the right reps to initiate engagement based on contextual lead and contact information. As a revenue team professional, you have two primary levers to push and pull upon to affect your speed to lead. Lead Processing Time Representative Response Time + Your lead response time – aka, your speed to lead – is mission critical. Consider these speed to lead statistics: 78% of customers buy from the company that responds to their inquiry first (Lead Connect) 7x more likely to qualify leads when reaching out within an hour as opposed to just one hour later (Harvard Business Review) 391% increase in lead conversions when responding within one minute (Velocity)

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