How Ops View the State of Lead Management 2022

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Why LeanData? Today's growth leaders power their B2B selling with LeanData, the gold standard in modern revenue orchestration and an essential element of the modern RevTech stack. The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform, powered by No-Code Automation, simplifies and accelerates coordination of all the plays, people and processes needed to transform buying signals into buying decisions. LeanData is inspiring a global movement among its 800 customers and community of 5,000+ Ops Stars worldwide, empowering them with revenue operations excellence that translates into compelling buyer experiences and competitive advantage. Join the movement! The 2022 State of Lead Management - Ops Professionals In December of 2021, LeanData, in collaboration with Sales Hacker, Heinz Marketing and Outreach, conducted the State of Lead Management survey of revenue team professionals. In total, the survey generated 1,732 respondents. Below, take a high-level look at how respondents in Operations (Sales Ops, Marketing Ops & RevOps) viewed the current state of lead management. Request Demo Get Started Today: Visit LeanData.com to learn more about LeanData's go-to-market operations solutions for Matching, Routing and Engagement, or visit us on AppExchange. 2901 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 669-600-5676 | www.LeanData.com Download Download the full report of The State of Lead Management 2022. State of Lead Management Speed to Lead Flexible, Agile Lead Routing is Key How often do lead-routing rules change? of Ops pros see room for improvement in achieving conversion goals of Ops pros said current lead management system won't support 2022 growth goals of Ops pros said lead management doesn't support an ideal customer experience said leads are manually routed State of Overall Growth Strategies Top 2021 Growth Challenges for Operations revenue growth was a challenge in 2021 Substantially higher than the 48% of all other functions who agreed revenue growth was a challenge who agreed Sales & Marketing are properly aligned Less than the Generating sufficient pipeline Pivoting GTM as conditions changed Lacking automation/Too many manual processes Meeting revenue targets Selling virtually/Selling remotely 42% 38% 34% 32% 25% 2022 Sales & Marketing Priorities the complete inverse of the responses from all other functions 1 2 4 5 3 Invest in new tech stack Transform digitally Staff teams Expand addressable market Grow pipeline 75% 27% 23% 1 2 4 5 3 Grow pipeline Expand addressable market Staff teams Transform digitally Invest in new tech stack of Ops pros agreed 61% Sales & Marketing are aligned to drive growth of Ops pros agreed 52% in other functions 60% Annually Quarterly Monthly Weekly Daily 38% 21% 6% 2% 38% Operations Professionals saids lead-to-account matching was slow and error-prone and, more importantly … said leads are sometimes assigned to the wrong owner 74% of Ops pros rate their organization's lead response time as average or faster than average 16% 22% 71% Yet, at the same time, they …

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