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2901 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 669-600-5676 | www.LeanData.com Scheduling software automates certain scheduling processes such as work schedule management, employee communication and time tracking, and it allows individuals and groups of users to determine the best time to schedule a meeting together. Either cloud-based or as a local application, scheduling software shares a user's calendar availability, displaying f ree and busy times, and generates a booking form or link that can be shared with other users who select their preferred time to meet. The end result is that automated scheduling software helps businesses operate more quickly and more efficiently. Perhaps most importantly though, the best automated scheduling software allows prospective buyers and customers to better control their own buying journeys. Prospects are empowered to instantly select meeting dates and times that best fit their needs, accelerating their own buying journeys at their desired pace. It's important to note automated scheduling software is not calendaring software, the most commonly used of which include Google Calendar, Office Calendar and Apple Calendar (previously known as iCal). Rather, scheduling software enhances the value of existing calendaring software. Users of automated scheduling software allow others to conveniently select a time at their convenience, with no need for a series of back-and-forth emails or phone calls to both determine availability and confirm a date and time. It eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone manual processes that cause so much f rustration. Scheduling software also reduces the likelihood of forgotten meetings and no- shows, placing key appointments f ront and center on both parties' calendars, and sending automated reminders and notifications. Finally, the value of placing the control of creating appointments into the hands of your site visitors, prospects and customers cannot be overstated. Speed, accuracy and convenience are key in both buying journeys and in customer experience. If lead response time (aka, speed to lead) is important in your market, empowering your customers to instantly book meetings with the proper representative in the organization demonstrates responsiveness at an entirely new level. With scheduling software automation delivering benefits to both the organization and its customers, the category has risen to become a relative necessity in the modern RevTech stack. What is Automated Scheduling Software? What are the Benefits of Automated Scheduling Software? Automated Scheduling Software Buying Guide Checklist

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