Automated Scheduling Software Buying Guide Checklist

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Why LeanData? Get Started Today: Proven Results with Over 800 Customers Today's growth leaders power their B2B selling with LeanData, the gold standard in modern revenue orchestration and an essential element of the modern RevTech stack. The LeanData Revenue Orchestration Platform, powered by No-Code Automation, simplifies and accelerates coordination of all the plays, people and processes needed to transform buying signals into buying decisions. LeanData is inspiring a global movement among its more than 800 customers and community of 5,000+ Ops Stars worldwide, empowering them with revenue operations excellence that translates into compelling buyer experiences and competitive advantage. Join the movement! REQUEST DEMO Visit LeanData.com to learn more about LeanData's go-to-market operations solutions for Matching, Routing, Engagement and Automated Scheduling, or visit us on AppExchange. 2901 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 669-600-5676 | www.LeanData.com Automated Scheduling Software Buying Guide Checklist Reduce your administrative time and its associated costs by collaboratively working with your solution provider on a smooth, timely deployment and short ramp time to full productivity. Check to determine if your potential solution provider has a team that can deliver IT and inf rastructure consulting, detailed integration work, high-touch troubleshooting and diagnostics, and specific GTM strategy guidance. Professional Services Deployment According to G2, 86 percent of buyers use peer review sites when buying software. Aside f rom top-level metrics on reviews, comb through the reviews and take deeper dives into organizations that resemble yours, both in terms of size and complexity of GTM motions. Additionally, look for reviews that specifically address solutions to pain points/ opportunities that your company shares. Peer Reviews Conduct comprehensive customer references when evaluating vendors. You'll be pointed to favorable referrals by vendors, but dig deep to learn honest truths about both positives and any negatives. Start your investigation with general experience with the vendor, then go further with follow-up questions about customer service, and vendor strengths and weaknesses. Referral Customers A great many prospective customers start with pricing considerations and don't get much further. Your initial price point is important, but it is rarely your sole investment cost. Examine the full cost of implementing a solution, including potential hidden costs for development, administration and maintenance. Additionally, examine the impact of unreliability and inaccuracy on total annual investment costs. Total Investment Nothing's worse than buying a product then not using it or not using it to its highest capacity. It is a lose/lose situation for both you and your solution provider. Ensure the ready usage of your investment by your revenue team, and fully realize the full potential of benefits as quickly as possible. Solution providers should have a strong Customer Success team and a sterling reputation. Check reviews and get testimonials f rom referral clients. Customer Success Support 1 2 3 4 5

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