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LeanData & 6sense Integration Today's revenue teams are tasked with the impossible. Knowing the right buyer signals to act on is hard. Orchestrating the right account-based plays is even harder. The lack of prioritized signals and real-time insights leaves reps operating in the dark, leading to: • Sales inefficiency • Decreased speed to first touch • Mistimed or lost opportunities • Poor customer experiences The LeanData & 6sense integration eliminates guesswork so you can expertly target and engage high- value accounts when they're ready to buy. Automatically identify, enrich and route high-intent accounts to the right revenue team member using real-time AI insights and buying stage predictions to guide their next best steps. 2901 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 669-600-5676 | Intelligent account-based automation powered by real-time AI insights The Challenge with Digital B2B Buyers The Solution for Intelligent Account-Based Automation How It Works 70% of buyer decision-making research happens online. Forbes 6sense surfaces AI insights and buying signals f rom across the B2B web and identifies anonymous, in-market accounts LeanData automates rep assignments, SLA's, and contextual alerts Personalize right-time account engagements and book more meetings Convert Orchestrate Surface

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