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LeanData & Sales Intelligence Integrations A key component of LeanData's modern Revenue Orchestration platform is signal management. LeanData surfaces buyer signals that are ready to be actioned upon, including person, account, opportunity, and intent data f rom third-party sales intelligence applications. LeanData integrates seamlessly with best-in-class solutions like Clearbit, Cognism, UserGems and 6sense. These integrations fully empower your team with the complete record data necessary to orchestrate the most relevant engagements at any stage of the buyer's journey. Today, the challenge in many instances is that revenue teams are: 1) inundated with an enormous amount of buyer signal data, and 2) unable to prioritize buyer signal data that is disorganized and incomplete. The result is revenue teams often focus on leads and accounts with the least priority, wasting precious organizational resources. Data fuels your revenue team. The better your data, the better your revenue team is set up for success. However, today's digital-first B2B buying journeys result in an explosion of buyer signals, each potentially loaded with situational and environmental information. This data leads to indications of whether a buyer should be engaged with the B2B seller to learn more or advance a buying decision. 2901 Patrick Henry Drive, Santa Clara, CA 95054 | 669-600-5676 | Utilize buyer signal management to surface priority records for action Solving for an Explosion of Buying Journey Data through Signal Management The Challenge Behind an Explosion of Buyer Signals

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