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2 0 2 2 O p s S t a r s A w a r d s | 9 Most Cutting-Edge Ops Program of the Year An individual or team on the cutting edge of innovation in modern go-to-market operations demonstrating forward thinking solutions across people, process and/or technolo- gy resulting in real business impact. "In order to hit targets, the success of the go-to-market team depends on the right people with the right seniority and performance. Before we implemented this solution, our company never had a way, or one source of truth, to align and aggregate on headcount data, or efficiently analyze and monitor our headcount trends and performance." – Limor Tzach, Business Analyst Data is then shared with managers, giving them the ability to control headcount in a financially sound manner while the company scales. Operational Results Because of this unique custom solution, Similarweb now has the ability to predict and forecast risk and opportunities associated with the go-to-market plan. Their workforce management insights have become the main KPIs in go-to-market metrics including headcount status, headcount retention, and headcount performance. Other measurable results include: • 95% accuracy in revenue forecasting when adjusted for headcount forecasting • 92% of sales representatives who scored at risk were terminated • Reductions in headcount gaps • 30% cost savings in the company budget • 40 positions cut due to the elimination of duplicate positions misaligned across departments The Challenge The go-to-market revenue team at Similarweb is the largest team in the company. However, the company recognized that performance was predicated on being fully staffed with highly-skilled and tenured team members. Simply, the success of the team was dependent on the makeup of the team. Management recognized its need for a systemic solution to best manage workforce planning, workforce training and development, work tools with respective budgets, and performance management. The Operational Approach Similarweb created a suite of integrated tools to optimize and predict the go-to-market team's yield and growth. These tools provide easily accessible and transparent data on revenue team performance, including the identification of strengths and areas of continuous improvement opportunities. The new tools include a scoring system that creates alerts for various types of employee performance risks. The Winner

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