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2 CUSTOMER STORY Planful Doubles Marketing Contributed Revenue by Using LeanData This predictive-driven insight reduced the company's ratio of bad-to-good leads by approximately 50 percent, while increasing the number of high-quality MQLs delivered to sales by 3.5x. Planful was able to fine-tune its go-to-market workflows in order to ultimately boost its average selling price and revenue just two years after implementing Infer into its sales and marketing stack. Infer and LeanData are two of my favorite, best of breed technologies that provide tremendous value on their own. Together, they become a powerhouse that enables seamless and intelligent workflows across sales and marketing. With Infer and LeanData's open architectures, we're able to orchestrate complex processes to become a more connected and impactful go to market organization across the board." - Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation, Planful LeanData Routes Best-Fit for Engagement Planful also struggled with the lack of a natural connection between leads and accounts in Salesforce, which created a structural problem that is an endless source of f rustration for revenue-generating teams. The company implemented LeanData's proprietary fuzzy matching algorithm and best-in-class lead routing to simplify this process by automatically moving every lead along to the next best step of the buyer's journey. LeanData ensures that incoming leads matching existing customers, open opportunities and target accounts are promptly sent to the correct account owners. Using a round-robin system, LeanData also distributes 750 net-new, Infer-scored leads each month to Planful' f ront-line inside sales team – guaranteeing that each sales development representative (SDR) receives an equal share of Infer A, B, and C Leads. This intelligent lead-routing system gives sales reps visibility into accounts, and ensures that they receive prompt and appropriate attention. Additionally, fair distribution of leads among SDRs boosts team productivity and guarantees that the highest-quality leads are followed up quickly. Planful' reps are able to make decisions based on the full context of each account's activity, thus increasing the likelihood that leads will convert. The Results • Planful' marketing team doubled its revenue contribution, in part by prioritizing the leads most likely to convert to customers. • Marketing now tests and invests in various marketing campaigns, optimizing spend around the programs and channels that generate the hottest leads for sales to follow up on. • The company clarified its murky definition of an MQL with proven data driven criteria, building trust in the scores and bringing sales and marketing into deeper alignment. • Planful unlocked the maximum value of their leads by ensuring reps have the complete context of account activity and are enabled to respond immediately to hot leads How Salesforce, Infer, and LeanData Work Better Together Infer and LeanData have deep integrations into Salesforce, which enables data to flow easily between all three plat- forms. As soon as new leads enter Salesforce, Infer analyzes thousands of signals about them, which inform a single score that accurately predicts how likely they are to convert segments the leads into A, B, C or D buckets that represent the highest-to-lowest scoring leads, respectively. LeanData's lead-management solution operationalizes those insights by automatically routing net-new leads to a round robin that shares the bucketed leads equally across f rontline sales reps for immediate follow up, creating a balanced and fair distribution of the company's highest quality leads. Predictive-driven lead routing gives us the best of both worlds: we're able to identify our highest quality leads and quickly get each one to the right sales rep for follow up. The deep interoperability between Infer, LeanData and Salesforce helps us spend less time researching leads and figuring out who should work them, and instead focus that effort towards initiatives that convert more qualified leads into actual revenue." - Nick Ezzo, Vice President of Demand Generation, Planful

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