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Remove Friction From Your Funnel As Sales and Marketing interact more f requently, there is an unprecedented level of f riction within the B2B sales and marketing funnel. This f riction is visible when leads are assigned to the wrong person or get lost in the system, resulting in a poor buying experience for the prospect. This also affects sales productivity and marketing ROI. LeanData Routing allows teams to build, monitor and optimize custom routing flows for leads, contacts, accounts and opportunities. It enables you to maximize the full potential of your Demand Generation and create great buying experiences for prospects. PRODUCT SHEET | ROUTING The Gold Standard for Routing in Your CRM • Co-design Easily: Visual FlowBuilder with a drag-and- drop interface to collaborate and deploy routing rules based on business needs • Optimize Continuously: Routing Insights help you monitor and improve your lead distribution process and also fine-tune it based on seasonal or strategic priorities • Automate Salesforce Actions: Eliminate manual errors by applying automated actions such as merging duplicates, converting leads to contacts, creating new accounts/ opportunities, round-robin assignments, etc. Route Leads And Other Objects. Monitor Flows. Iterate Easily. Report on Routing Insights With just a click f rom any routing action node, you can see details of objects that were successfully routed or caused errors, as well as the owners to whom they were assigned.

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