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As your company grows and scales, your growth plays tend to become ever more complex and misrouted objects in Salesforce become increasingly problematic. Errors in routing - where leads, contacts, accounts and/or opportunities are assigned to the wrong representatives or simply lost in the system - create friction in your revenue team, decrease productivity and wreak havoc on Marketing return on investment (MROI). Perhaps more importantly, routing errors result in poor buying experiences for your prospects and customers. Speed, with accuracy, wins A quick lead response time - aka, your "speed to lead" - requires leads to be correctly routed to the most appropriate reps. When leads bounce back and forth within the Sales team, the one thing that for sure isn't happening is engagement with prospects. LeanData Routing ensures the right leads get to the right representatives as quickly as possible, every single time. Automating every manual lead routing process eliminates operational bottlenecks and human errors, and it ensures no lead gets left behind, either misplaced or completely forgotten. Reduce time researching leads and accounts by 70% Routing The right leads routed to the right rep at the right time, every time Reduce time to route leads by 90% Increase inbound conversion 15% with faster lead routing Proven Results with Over 800 Customers LeanData integrations with Outreach, Salesloft, Slack & others ensure the right leads get to the right reps at the right time, every single time.

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