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2 CUSTOMER STORY All of the sudden with LeanData, names just magically appeared in accounts. It allows the sales team to focus on the most important accounts, go after them, and have all of the important information right at their fingertips. They can just concentrate on selling. The match rate is awesome. A particular record gets attached to the account, and that account owner gets all of the information. It's smooth. It's beautiful. It's fantastic." - Xenia L. Escalante, Director of Marketing Operations at Castlight Health The Results The sales team benefits f rom speed and efficiency. The marketing team gains a richer understanding of those accounts. Castlight believes it's critical to be engaging multiple stakeholders within accounts. LeanData helps Castlight's marketing team make smarter decisions about campaigns that reach everyone who needs to be involved in a deal. "We need to understand the structure of those accounts," Escalante said. "We couldn't do that before. It was just the Wild West. Now f rom a marketing perspective, I can judge the health of an account with LeanData and make sure that I have the ideal mix of job titles." As Castlight innovates, LeanData evolves with it. Whenever Castlight needs to alter its lead workflows, Escalante talks through changes with the LeanData customer success team to ensure there will be no unintended consequences. If Castlight decides any tweaks aren't having the desired effect, LeanData can always roll them back. "Every time our rules change, LeanData is right there to manage them," Escalante said. Everything always works. We 100 percent rely on LeanData. It's crucial to our success. I don't even think of what LeanData provides us as customer service. LeanData is our partner." - Xenia L. Escalante, Director of Marketing Operations at Castlight Health Castlight Uses LeanData to Increase Qualified Leads and Improve Marketing ROI About Castlight Health Castlight is on a mission to make it as easy as humanly possible to navigate healthcare and live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Our health navigation platform connects with hundreds of health vendors, benefits resources, and plan designs, giving rise to the world's first comprehensive app for all health needs.

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