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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Computer Software HEADQUARTERS Toronto, Canada CHALLENGES Uberflip was manually routing 2500-3000 leads took one full day each week. Lead routing was only happening once a week, meaning sales was receiving leads up to a week later. Reliance on legacy systems gave Uberflip little control over how leads could be routed. SOLUTIONS LeanData Routing allows Uberflip to create an innovative workflow that meets its needs using automated, real-time routing. Round Robin routing ensures that hot leads are distributed fairly to its BDR team. LeanData's Lead-to-Account Matching automatically matches leads to accounts, removing the need for manual conversion. RESULTS Faster Sales Cycle: Sales team receives and responds to incoming leads within one hour, 99% of the time. Productivity: Automated routing saves a full day per week, time that can be spent on strategic business initiatives. Foundation for ABM: Sales reps are now aware of activity within accounts and marketing can report more accurately on campaign influence. Uberflip Sees Improvement in Productivity and Shortened Sales Cycles Using LeanData - With Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing and Osama Ahmad, CRM & Marketing Operations Manager Uberflip is focused on how people consume information. As more B2B organizations produce content to tell their stories, Uberflip has built a reputation for organizing and presenting that information in an engaging manner. As a leading content experience platform, Uberflip helps businesses convert curious prospects into opportunities and then transforms them into happy customers. But with success comes challenges. Uberflip now receives between 2,500 and 3,000 leads a month f rom various sources such as events, webinars and, of course, content. Determining the quality of those leads and then manually distributing them among the sales reps became a time-consuming nightmare. "Our Marketing Ops manager was spending every Friday building lead lists for our sales team," explained Tara Robertson, Uberflip's Director of Revenue Marketing. "It sounds archaic and crazy. But our goal was to set up sales for the following week. The consequence of that was we were essentially falling a week behind." Leads needed to get into the hands of the sales team faster. Uberflip experimented with a de-duplication tool that also promotes itself as a routing solution. But that software created problems, such as constantly breaking workflows in the Marketo marketing automation system. "So we went back looking at vendors and this time we chose LeanData," Robertson said. The LeanData Solution LeanData transformed lead assignment at Uberflip by enabling the business to create an innovative workflow that meets its needs and increases the speed of sales team follow-up using real-time routing. As Uberflip has continued to grow, LeanData's flexible solution has evolved to overcome new challenges. "We really didn't have any kind of lead- routing system before LeanData," said Osama Ahmad, CRM and Marketing Operations Manager. "LeanData helped facilitate a lead routing process that makes sense for us." Previously, leads were sent to the entire pool of sales reps once they had reached a Marketo scoring threshold. Uberflip had little control over the process. Now, LeanData enables Uberflip to automatically assign leads in a systematic way based on different criteria. • Leads coming f rom different sources, such as events, are sent to specific pools of Business Development Reps (BDRs) • The approximately 250 demo requests each month go to a set group of BDRs • Leads f rom active opportunities are immediately routed to the proper Account Executives

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