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2 CUSTOMER STORY LeanData has helped us scale more quickly. We're closing more and larger deals. When the sales team is notified right away that a lead is hot, it makes a huge difference in conversion rates further down in the funnel."" - Tara Robertson, Director of Revenue Marketing at Uberflip "This kind of routing is just not possible in Salesforce," Ahmad explained. "The most important component of LeanData is just thinking through our routing process in a sophisticated way. We were able to make the shift f rom a lead-based model to an account-based model. We had been struggling with that before LeanData." The Results Uberflip has seen a multitude of benefits across the entire Go-to-Market process. Faster Sales Cycle: With LeanData's real time solution, the Uberflip sales team no longer waits a week for leads. They are routed to the correct place for prompt follow up. Leads never grow cold before the sales team has the chance to work them. Uberflip has an agile process where the sales team responds to incoming leads within the first hour of being assigned 99 percent of the time. Productivity: Automating manual tasks f rees up time for other important business initiatives. "Our Marketing Ops manager has an extra day back each week in his life, which is huge," Robertson said. Also, any changes in the workflow can be made by Uberflip in just minutes. Ahmad added that LeanData saves Uberflip six hours of Salesforce Admin time each week. Foundation for ABM: Uberflip sales reps are always aware of activity inside accounts with LeanData's best in class lead to account matching. "LeanData has been integral as we make the transition toward Account Based Marketing," Robertson said. "Without the account mapping, we would be spending so much time creating workflows in Marketo and Salesforce to make sure reps are getting the right leads f rom each account. That would be a big headache without LeanData." Matching also gives marketing the ability to report the true influence of campaigns. Fairness: LeanData's ability to design round robins ensures that leads are distributed fairly. One example is how Uber- flip round-robins demo requests. LeanData's automation ensures that reps receive an equal number. It's a nice bonus for the BDRs because those are the hottest leads who are the most excited to talk to us," Robertson explained. Does More With Less: Uberflip believes in a "lean" tech stack. "We're always mindful to bring on only tools that do what they say they will and not just things that are shiny and new," Robertson said. Uberflip also uses only software solutions that integrate smoothly with Salesforce or Marke- to. LeanData does both. We have a very complex process to manage. But with LeanData, everything just works. It simplifies the process.Time and ease are my two principle winning factors why I like LeanData." - Osama Ahmad, CRM and Marketing Operations Manager at Uberflip Uberflip Sees Improvement in Productivity and Shortened Sales Cycles Using LeanData About Uberflip Uberflip is a cloud-based content experience platform that empowers B2B marketers to create personalized content experiences at scale. By providing marketers with the tools they need to boost engagement, generate leads, and fuel demand generation, they can better leverage content to meet their goals.

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