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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Human Resources HEADQUARTERS Redwood City, CA CHALLENGES Betterworks wanted to create an effective account-based marketing strategy that could reach their hard-to-find audience of high-level HR executives. SOLUTIONS Through the combination of LeanData and ON24, Betterworks was able to generate and route leads to the correct sales rep, as well as provide deep insights into the performance of the webinars hosted by Betterworks through LeanData Attribution. RESULTS ON24 and LeanData have become a powerful one two combination for Betterworks by producing quantifiable ROI. During the first half of 2017, LeanData Attribution showed that the ON24 webinar program: • Influenced more than $1.2 million in pipeline • Touched 138 opportunities • Drove a 2x increase in marketing generated revenue Betterworks Engineers a Martech Stack for Optimal Results and Better Customer Experience with LeanData - With Masha Finkelstein, Director of Demand Generation Betterworks is disrupting the Human Resources industry with a technology solution that drives employee performance through feedback and transparency. Betterworks helps customers succeed by focusing on results and constant improvement. Masha Finkelstein, Director of Demand Generation, mirrors that philosophy as she meets the high expectations of a fast-growing, evolving business. She believes in designing an agile marketing technology stack that creates meaningful customer engagement. That's why ON24 and LeanData are integral parts of the Betterworks' tech stack. Finkelstein's primary objective is to reach a hard-to-find audience of high-level HR executives. Her strategy is twofold: target the right accounts and then identify the right people within them. This is the essence of an Account-Based Marketing program, and Finkelstein has established Betterworks as a leading practitioner of ABM. She has numerous marketing tools at her disposal, such as events, email campaigns, digital advertising, social media and direct mail. Finkelstein takes a multichannel approach because different prospects respond to different kinds of outreach. But she discovered that one channel was especially impactful for engaging Betterworks' best-fit audience: ON24 webinars. And that lightbulb moment occurred by using another solution in her technology stack: LeanData Attribution. ON24 & LeanData Solution Betterworks added ON24 and LeanData to its MarTech stack to solve two distinct challenges. The ON24 webinar marketing platform generates high-quality leads in precisely the kind of accounts Betterworks strives to engage. LeanData automation gets the most f rom those leads by immediately routing them to the appropriate sales reps for follow-up and providing Finkelstein with deep insights into the performance of her webinars. The solutions work hand-and-glove to produce results and help Finkelstein to drive the business forward. LeanData Auto-Conversion, Routing and Attribution As Betterworks began pursuing more enterprise-level accounts, the marketing team saw the wisdom of working out of contacts and accounts rather than leads. This gives Betterworks a clear picture of all activity within target accounts so it can craft holistic strategies to engage every influencer who could be part of potential deals. Once leads reach MQL status through Betterworks' internal scoring process, they are shipped f rom the Marketo automation platform to its Salesforce instance. Once in the CRM, those leads are auto-converted into contacts under their accounts. When no account exists, one is created. "That's when LeanData really began helping us," Finkelstein explained. "LeanData became our first-touch for all activity. So we never look at leads anymore. We just work off contacts."

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