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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Computer Software HEADQUARTERS San Bruno, CA CHALLENGES Dynamic Signal's leads were slipping through the cracks. Response time to leads was too long. Salesforce assignment rules were too limited for their growing needs. SOLUTIONS LeanData automatically routes leads to the right rep based on Dynamic Signal's custom definition. Round-robin distributes leads to SDRs when they don't match accounts so no lead is left behind. The LeanData Flow Builder drag-and-drop interface makes creating complex flow easy to set up and understand. RESULTS Automated lead routing has reduced f riction and conflict that previously existed when there was a lack of trust in the assignment process, allowing the Sales Ops team to be a trusted partner to the sales team. The new, scalable lead assignment process support Dynamic Signal's ambitious goals and meets the challenge of rapid growth. Supports ABM model: Automated lead- to-account matching and routing provides complete, real-time visibility into all the activities within accounts. LeanData Meets the Demands of Dynamic Signal as They Scale for Growth - With Albert Alexander, Senior Director of Sales Development and Revenue Operations It was Go Time for Dynamic Signal. Demand was exploding. Twenty percent of Fortune 100 companies were happy customers. A powerful network of high-profile customer advocates was spreading the word about the corporate communications platform. The SDR team had tripled in size in just six months. But there also was the significant challenge of managing all of those leads. Albert Alexander, Senior Director of Sales Development and Revenue Operations, puts it this way: "Our response time and follow up coverage was nowhere near where it needed to be. We had a long way to go." With multiple verticals and markets to manage, Salesforce assignment rules were just too limited for Dynamic Signal's needs. The business tried another vendor for lead-to-account matching, but it couldn't keep pace with their team's growth and diversification." Before LeanData, we knew leads were slipping through the cracks," Alexander added. "As inbound demand grew, it was tough to keep response time tight. We needed a scalable system where we could maintain a high pace of growth, define teams, and everything like round robins and territories would just work. We needed a system that minimized f riction, required less babysitting, and met demand as the team continued to grow and evolve." The LeanData Solution When marketing generates a lead, LeanData automation routes it to the right rep based on segments such as geography and territory size created by Dynamic Signal. When leads do not match accounts, they are sent into a robust round-robin for distribution among the SDRs, so no lead is ever left behind. Dynamic Signal now has an efficient, flexible lead- assignment. Here's how: Flow Builder LeanData's first-of-its-kind visual interface allows Alexander to build Dynamic Signal's routing flow with a visual, drag-and-drop interface. He can easily create and modify routing rules based on how the business is evolving. Troubleshooting: Dynamic Signal has spent years evolving their map of the world market in Salesforce. But after dividing the sales team into specialized teams for each market segment, Salesforce's native lead assignment rules were stretched to the limit. Leads would end up in the wrong hands, and the Sales Ops team wouldn't know why. That's no longer a problem. "A long list of if-then statements is the wrong way to organize a large organization's lead-assignment process in a territory- based structure," Alexander explained. "You can't understand what's going on when you read 50 lines of text. It's just not how people think about hierarchies and management of territories. But you can build that in Flow Builder and it will make sense immediately."

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