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CUSTOMER STORY INDUSTRY Information Technology & Services HEADQUARTERS Pleasanton, CA CHALLENGES ServiceMax required 10+ business days to reach out to high-quality leads due to an inefficiency in routing leads to queues. SOLUTIONS LeanData Routing assigns leads to reps based on a criteria created by ServiceMax. RESULTS Reduced respond to lead time f rom 10 to 3 days. Catch all queue reduced f rom 16,000 to 4,000 leads. Saved the business up to an estimated 779 hours of manual routing time. ServiceMax Uses LeanData to Improve Sales and Operational Efficiencies - With Pat Oldenberg, Vice President of Demand Marketing and Operations ServiceMax is the leader in cloud-based field service management software. The company is focused on delivering the most innovative and forward-thinking solutions for organizations to digitally transform their service operations. And interest in that software became overwhelming as ServiceMax ramped up Demand Gen efforts. But the huge influx of leads was also problematic. "We started looking at how long it took to reach out to high-quality leads and it turned out to be well over 10 business days," said Pat Oldenburg, the Vice President of Demand Marketing and Operations. "When we started digging into the reasons why, the biggest one was because Salesforce routing rules weren't keeping up with our growth." ServiceMax had a territory-based system for lead assignment. For example, leads f rom California went to a "CA" queue. Reps were responsible for visiting the queue to collect leads associated with their territories. Another issue was leads that were not clearly mapped to a territory would end up in a catch-all queue – where they would sit until reps would investigate. That inefficiency prompted the organization to embark on a journey that transformed lead assignment into a strategic advantage at ServiceMax. LeanData's ability to route leads for ServiceMax would later impress one of the world's best-known brands – GE Digital. The LeanData Solution LeanData's robust routing solution solved ServiceMax's lead distribution challenges. The f ront-end of the process hasn't changed. Leads flow through Marketo into Salesforce and are scored based on demographic, firmographic and behavioral factors. But once in Salesforce, LeanData takes over and assigns leads based on criteria created by ServiceMax. Previously, reps wasted time researching headquarter's geography, account status and industry of every lead to determine if they could work them. Now they focus their efforts on customer-facing activities that help them reach their quotas. "LeanData has a spectacular routing solution that makes it so much easier to set up, manage and remove the manual effort that had been done by the reps," Oldenburg said. The Results A process that had been a tactical challenge for ServiceMax now is an agile, efficient system that adapts to the organization's growing needs. Efficient routing has helped ServiceMax optimize sales and marketing productivity. There have been a wide array of benefits for the business.

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