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Automated Account Distribution Companies need automated distribution rules not only for leads and contacts, but also for accounts. This is particularly useful if you leverage account-based marketing and sales processes. You are able to assign account owners when accounts meet your specified criteria to be become "Marketing Qualified Accounts" (MQA) or "Sales Qualified Accounts" (SQA). LeanData's Account Routing brings the power of its visual FlowBuilder and automated Routing to the world of Salesforce Accounts. It enables you to implement company business / territory rules in a fair and uniform manner while allocating accounts to sales reps. PRODUCT SHEET | Critical Components Of Account Routing • Visual FlowBuilder to easily build any Account Routing flow to automate your business processes • Define business rules that trigger account routing • Set up rules to determine ownership • Assign owners to round-robin groups • Assign account owner using several methods, including account teams, user lookup fields, or owner mappings • Leverage Routing Insights and Deployment History to monitor account assignments and instantly optimize your flow at any time • Send notifications to alert owners when they've been assigned accounts or notify users to proactively address routing errors Applications Of Account Routing • Assign accounts to reps when they become MQA or SQA • Assign accounts based on company's territory rules • Re-assign accounts f rom former reps to new reps based on your routing rules ACCOUNT ROUTING The Gold Standard For Lead, Contact & Account Routing

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