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AuditBoard Reduces Manual Work by 50+ Hours Per Week with LeanData + Outreach

September 29, 2020 Ashley Ward

AuditBoard is an enterprise cloud-based solution designed to automate risk, audit and compliance activities and streamline internal audit management processes. AuditBoard is the fastest growing cloud application company and the third fastest growing technology company in North America as ranked on Deloitte’s Technology Fast 500. The cloud-based platform transforms risk management for customers such as prominent pre-IPO and Fortune 50 organizations. AuditBoard helps its customers modernize, simplify, and elevate their audit, risk, and compliance functions.

AuditBoard generates and receives hundreds of leads per day. The company initially had a manual lead assignment process, and needed a solution to qualify leads automatically and route them to the right people to begin follow-up, so they looked to LeanData and Outreach to make this process more efficient.

"If you want to solve the problem of how to reach all of your inbound traffic in a timely manner, you need LeanData to match and route your leads and Outreach to start reaching out to them."

-Robert Simmons, Senior Director of Inside Sales  


  • AuditBoard had to manually review all leads they received. The process wasn't efficient and didn't produce a high ROI.  
  • The inbound lead queue was full of thousands of high quality leads that sales reps didn't have time to work.
  • Even high-priority leads took a few hours to follow up with, if anyone had time to reach out to them at all. 


  • LeanData Matching automatically matches leads to existing accounts with the industry's leading fuzzy matching algorithm. 
  • LeanData Routing increases efficiencies and accelerates response time by enabling custom routing rules, and facilitating the speedy delivery of leads to the right reps at the right time.
  • Outreach helps reps execute their best playbooks by creating a measurable series of touch points that drive deeper engagement with prospects and customers.


  • 167% increase in new accounts reached per week
  • Reduced time to follow up with leads from up to 48 hours to just 2
  • 40 hours saved per week with LeanData's automated lead matching and routing
  • 12 hours saved per week with Outreach's automated sequencing

About the Author

Ashley Ward

Ashley is the Director of Customer Marketing at LeanData and is responsible for the development of strategic initiatives to drive growth and advocacy throughout the customer lifecycle. Her favorite part of Customer Marketing at LeanData is getting to know OpsStars who are transforming the way they work.

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