LeanData Allows Datadog to Automate and Streamline Their Lead Routing

June 22, 2022

Datadog has been one of the technology sector's hottest companies, growing rapidly ahead of their September 2019 IPO. But as Datadog rapidly scaled, it faced a big challenge – managing a growing number of leads.

When Director of Sales Operations, Hacer “Haja” Demiroers, joined the company in early 2016, Datadog had a manual process of distributing leads to sales reps that was inefficient and time-consuming. Also as the business adopted an account-based selling strategy, the sales team struggled to identify key decision-makers within those accounts.

"LeanData enables admins to do a ton of things. It’s not just routing leads. It gives us better reporting. It opens the door so you can do lots of creative things that weren’t possible before.”

Haja Demiroers, Director of Sales Operations



  • Lack of a natural link in Salesforce between leads and accounts, meaning leads must be converted into contacts before they are associated with corresponding accounts.


  • LeanData Matching automatically matches leads to accounts.
  • LeanData Routing enabled Datadog to design an intelligent routing process best-suited to the expanding business.


  • Time Saved: LeanData has eliminated 10 hours a week of manual work, allowing the Sales Ops team to focus on more strategic initiatives.
  • Enabled Account-Based Strategy: All stakeholders within accounts are now identified to every decision maker can be engaged by the sales team.
  • Leads are automatically and accurately routed to the right reps.
  • Quicker follow-up response to leads.
  • Improved data quality and reporting.
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